NAVPLG 2022 Annual Meeting and Education Session

Please join us for the annual business meeting, presentation of awards and educational program, "Reigniting Your Fire: Rising from the Ashes of Burnout" with guest speaker Marcia Hale, CVA. After the last two years navigating an ever changing "new normal" many of us are burned out and stressed out.  It's a very real response to on-going exhaustion of your physical or emotional strength/motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress. Volunteer Managers are particularly prone to burning out because of the intense people focus of our work, coupled with constant demands from our organizations and often limited resources to accomplish those demands.  Marcia Hale, CVA/NAVPLG Board member and burn out survivor,  will share some actionable ideas to help you turn the smoldering embers of burnout into a spark that re-lights your fire by acknowledging your strengths and passions to help you chart your path forward. Burnout happens to the best, the brightest, the high achievers, learn how to use it to empower ourselves to emerge even stronger than before!
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