Contact NAVPLG for Free Membership

NAVPLG is extending COVID-19 Relief in the form of free 2021 memberships to all members. We are thankful for the support of members who have paid to renew their 2021 memberships prior to this notice and will extend those memberships through 2022 as COVID-19 Relief.
NAVPLG recognizes the difficulty many local government entities are facing during this pandemic. If your organization is struggling to fund a NAVPLG membership, we invite you to renew or join for FREE by June 23, 2021, by contacting NAVPLG at and/or If your organization can fund a membership, we invite you to support NAVPLG with a paid membership by going to NAVPLG and selecting the appropriate category from the membership menu.
Volunteers are an essential part of the work of our country and together we applaud all the volunteers and volunteer managers who serve to keep all levels of government functioning in these unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Thank you for your service to others.
Kandy LeMoine, CVA