NAVPLG Open Positions & Volunteer Benchmark Live & Free

NAVPLG Open Positions:

Strengthen leadership, enhance credentials, support advocacy, and improve networking and information exchange by becoming the NAVPLG President Elect, Membership ChairEducation/Pre Conference Chair, or NACo Liaison. Please complete the nomination form at the following path to serve

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Volunteer Benchmark is Live and Free

If you joined the presentation at the NAVPLG session during Service Unites 2018 or the "Making Metrics Matter" webinar, you know Charlotte Norville, Volunteer Program Manager, and Lindsey Rehder, Chief Operating Officer with Squarei Technologies, both with the City of Fort Collins, CO, have been working diligently behind the scenes on the first-ever volunteer program benchmarking tool. They are excited to let you know that Volunteer Benchmark is now live and available to you for free.

Volunteer Benchmark gives you the ability to see how your volunteer program stacks up against organizations of similar sizes and scopes within the following categories:
·         Program Statistics
·         Return on Volunteer Investment (ROVI)
·         Economic Impact
·         Volunteer Engagement

Additionally, Volunteer Benchmark provides a platform to connect with and learn from our spotlight organization, the City of Fort Collins.
Learn more about Volunteer Benchmark and sign-up to start measuring your program today.

Lindsey Rehder
Chief Operating Officer - Offero VMS
Phone: (970) 377-0077